We’re Dac and Alisha, the faces smushed behind the cameras of On The Wall Photography. We’re wedding and portrait photographers but above all we’re a goofy husband and wife duo who laugh almost non-stop and love the heck out of spending time together and with other people.


We love to get to know people and document their lives…even if just for a couple hours. Our goal is to shoot images that capture a moment, a personality, a love… and do so in an upbeat, artistic, not-so-traditional way. When we leave a fun session, we are in awe that we’re blessed to do something together, that we love and make friends in the process. Awesome.


A little background:

We dated for years, even through going to different colleges in different states, before getting married in 2006. Once college was complete and we were both working full-time, we started to wonder why we majored in what we did…I in Journalism with an emphasis in PR, and Dac in Graphic Design. I love to write and particularly enjoyed photojournalism but settled on PR for the chance to really make a difference. Seems that’s harder to do than I thought. Dac still gets giddy over a great design and artsy-fartsy stuff but found it difficult to apply that in the work-field. Now, we know exactly why we did what we did. With our powers combined we can save the world!!! Or at least take fun pictures and hang out with cool people in the process!