What To Expect - Portraits

By far our favorite part about doing photography (aside from doing it together) is becoming friends with our clients. It’s what keeps us going. Portrait sessions are where this happens. We are on-location, natural light photographers, which means we don’t shoot in a studio. Instead, we meet up with you at a location we all agree is perfect for your session. Then, (this is where it gets technical)… we hang out! We’ll chat and play and just have fun, all while capturing photos of you being you. It’s really pretty great. Sure, we’ll do some minor posing and grab a few somewhat-traditional shots, but we love casual candids, that, when put all together, give a glimpse into who you are.


Here’s what to expect from each of our portrait sessions:


Newborn: Typically, we will come to your home during the first two weeks of baby’s life and spend 2-3 hours with you. We’ll capture a nice mix of those adorable little fingers and baby butts while also getting shots of cuddling and al the other important moments in your new everyday life.


Kids/Family/Pets: We’ll plan to spend 1-2 hours (depending on how happy the kids are that day) at a cool location or two. We’ll watch you play, laugh, and interact while we take modern, colorful shots that capture your personalities and the love you share.


Seniors: We enjoy doing casual fashion-ish shoots so we’ll travel to a few rad locations around town and photograph you workin’ it out in front of the camera. Bring a few outfits, your ipod, volleyball or whatever else helps tell your story and we’ll incorporate it in a modern, non-cheesy way. The session typically takes a couple hours.


Engagements: Ah Love. We love it. This session is much like our senior session in that we tend to stick to more urban areas (though we’re up for anything) and you get to be gorgeous and in love in front of the camera for a couple hours. Even couples who don’t like having their picture taken usually end up having a great time.


Maternity: Our photography style tends to be a little anti-traditional. We like bright, fun photos that show off who you are now (and your baby bump of course) but that are still timeless and express all the emotion your feeling during this exciting time. We’ll head to your nursery and/or locations around town during the 1-2 hour session.